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Turn your current home into your dream home with the help of One Stop Services.

Restoring your home to its former glory, whether it is fire, mold, water, or asbestos, we can do it all.

We help you design and build exactly what you need for your new business space.

Remodels & Renovations

Turn your current home into your dream home with the help of One Stop Services.

Our Focus for
Remodels & Renovations

Fine Details

No matter what size renovation, big or small, we always make sure every single detail of the project is perfect and exactly as intended.

Styling & Design

We focus on making sure your space makes you feel at home. Our designers work with you to find the perfect style and design for each part of the remodel.


Along with styling and design, functionality is something we strive for in our remodels. We design and layout your space to flow seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Professional Standard

As a small family owned company dedicated to providing professional customer service, it is important to us to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship on every project.

Kitchen Remodels

One Stop Services knows how important your kitchen is to your regular family routine and social engagement. Your kitchen is a place to make incredible dishes, enjoy time with your family, and entertain guests. When renovating your kitchen we keep all of these details in mind to create the perfect kitchen for any Arizona homeowner.

Bathroom Remodels

From master bathrooms to guest bathrooms, One Stop Services is here to help build your dream bathroom. As one of the most used rooms in the house, bathrooms are a place to energize for the day ahead as well as relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Home Remodels

One Stop Services offers a plethora of amazing home remodel and rennovation services. Flooring, painting, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, countertops, and so much more. You name it, we will get it done!

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Home Restorations

Restoring your home or space to its former glory, whether it is fire, mold, water, or asbestos, we can do it all.

Our Restoration Services

Peace of Mind

Usually people are not in a happy place when they need our restoration services, however, we will help you get out of that rough patch.  Our restoration services are designed to help you and your family feel at ease, knowing that your home will be restored professionally and quickly.

Mold Removal

Absorbent building materials can be mixed with water can be a disaster waiting to happen.  This can happen in the strangest places as well and it can go unseen for years. Mold in the cracks of the attic or the depths of the basement are some common areas.  However, between the walls and under the trim boards can be a likely location as well, especially in bathrooms. Mold Remediation means removal and not to just cover up.

Water Damage

Water and flood damage can build as the water sits.  Getting the water out and cleaned up as quickly as possible is a must to ensure the best results.  Whether it’s a natural disaster or pipe that has burst or leaking we can help. We will fix the issues that cause the flood when possible and clean up all the water and mold that it’s created as well.  We take flood and water damage seriously and want to make the area safe for you and your family.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal is a pretty dangerous job for the average homeowner.  We have been highly trained in asbestos removal to allow us to remove it safely for everyone.  This is important as Asbestos is okay as long as it’s not damaged or touched. As soon as the damage starts though, the asbestos can start to float in the air.  Once airborne, that’s when it becomes very unsafe. Asbestos was used in all kinds of building materials, if unsure, leave it to us.

Fire Damage

Your home or office has experienced a fire.  This can leave you filled with a range of emotions and overwhelmed with everything.  Let us handle the cleanup and restoration. We have done countless fire damage restoration and will have your building looking like it did or better in no time.  Fire restoration doesn’t just include fixing the burnt areas, but also removing the smoke smell and any water damage that occurred as well.

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Commercial Build-outs & Restorations

We help you design and build exactly what you need for your new commercial space.

Our Commercial Services

Grow Your Commercial Space

One Stop Services is here to help with any constructions needs you and your business have. We always strive to really help your business and strategically plan every project to benefit your businesses needs and wants.


Whether your business is a restaurant, office spaces, or retail storefront, we are able to help your business structure and layout your work space. We can build walls, offices, breakrooms; you name it we build it.

Ground Up Construction

If your business is constructing a new building, we can also help with that. We offer ground up construction services including, concrete work, framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, permits and inspections, and really everything else you may need to get your new building established.

Updates & Remodels

We can even help your business out, if you are just looking to freshen up your work space. Whether its new flooring, windows, wall, or even lighting, One Stop Services is there to help.

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“Worst situation possible: water is spraying allover your garage and it's the weekend, it's after business hours, and your water company won't open up until Monday, your home insurance can't help you because the wait-hold-time on the phone is over an hour, your home warranty can't help you because it just so happens you're not on the right tier to cover that "specific appliance" that "is connected" in your home. 
Just when you're getting ready to snap necks and bust some kneecaps you come across "Ty" ... and at no cost to you -he helps guide you over the phone to bypass your water softener - so that while you're waiting (Possibly the weekend) your family has water in the desert ...Yeah, "one stop" Is exactly what it says, a huge help to my family. Human kindness still happens in 2019!”
James R.
“One Stop Services is doing a renovation job at my home currently and they're doing a great job. Ty and his crew are really nice people first and foremost. Very easy to work with. They gave a good fair price. They listen to what you're looking for and they deliver. They're very knowledgeable and will share their feedback which is very helpful. They scheduled me quickly and knocked it out. No endless delays like I've experienced with other contractors.

I highly recommend this company. There is nothing they can't do. We have several upgrades we want to make to our home in the coming years and I will be using One Stop Services.”
Chris Irwin
“Ty and his crew recently tiled my bedroom floor.  They are very professional, precise and my tile looks beautiful.  Ty personally checked in with me every step of the way.  They left my house clean throughout the service.  I highly recommend One Stop Services and will be calling them for future projects!”
Shari Kaul
“I have worked with One Stop for three years as a property manager.  They are quick with emergencies, provide excellent customer service, do great work (they can rebuild a home), can work with insurance companies so you don't have to,  and care about people.  I highly recommend using One Stop!”
Deb Vickery